[Second BLOG post] Rise the challenge!!!

The first week of being a HSMC freshmen has just passed. During this very first week, I had quite a lot of brand new experiences for example, lessons which are very different from secondary school, also a different way of learning. Beside that the biggest change for me has to be the timetable,  in secondary school every students in the same form follow an exact same schedule but in college it’s completely different, first we don’t need to arrive in school at a fix time, then lessons seems to be arranged randomly I must admit some time slot of lessons are interesting. Actualy I miss a lesson because of not checking the timetable. Secondly the lesson are different from what I have experienced, the learning style is different also I have never approach to most of the course before. Beside of the timetable, the lessons are also brand new to me because I need to approach different subjects that I have never heard about like the linguistic and literature lessons.

In the first week, it is quite hard for me to adapt because I need to check my timetable everyday night to make sure I am on time for lessons. Actually I miss a lesson because of not checking the timetable, I got up so late in that day that I couldn’t reach HSMC before the lesson end. I am disappointed to myself because I know this mistake won’t happen if I show more care to my timetable.

I also need time get used to the lessons, most of them had gone well. I found that poem studying is actually quite interesting other than that I think I am doing fine in Chinese and economics but linguistics has became a challenge to me. There are too many terms to remember and the pace of the lesson is high, it is hard of me to catch up in every linguistics lessons, I am always too busy to drop down some notes while the professor is already teaching another topic. In general, all of the lessons in HSMC are so different from what I am having in my secondary school. All my English lessons in secondary school focus on those exam skills but lectures and tutorials of HSMC have a completely different way of learning which contain more discussion and students are more encouraged to share their opinions in class. Personally, I enjoy this kind of lesson more because our opinions are mostly accepted by the professors unlike the teachers in secondary school who always remind us to follow the “model answer”. Other than the way of learning, I also think that all of the professors are awesome because they always encourage us to think and give us some useful tips all the time.

In conclusion, the courses are great and interesting it brings me a new point of view about learning. In the same time I don’t think I did everything right this week. My main problem is time management and my way of learning. Firstly I should be less careless of my timetable because I know attendance is important and it will directly affect my academic result.  I agree that some changes are needed to be made, for example I can print out a hard copy of the timetable and put it on an obvious spot in my room in order to remind me what lessons I am having everyday. Secondly I think the main reason why I feel hard to catch up in linguistics lessons is putting too much focus on dropping notes I always did it when I am a secondary school student and it is time to change it. I should be more focus on listening to what professor are trying to say in class. The main reason why this will help is because most of the notes I drop can be found in the powerpoint of the lesson and I am able to get access to the powerpoint even when I am in home so I should really try to understand the content while having lesson but not waste most of my time doing things that I can finish in home.

At last some say “The attitude determines the altitude”, I am glad that in the very beginning of my college life I can already see some problems and think of ways to improve. First I need to grow the sense of time management then I have to find a way to adapt the new learning style in class. Changes need time and I really hope make changes before it’s too late.





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